Red Warriors in Gray Confederate Uniforms

FADE IN EXT. NEWTON STATION - DAY It's the second year of the American Civil War and a call for American Indians to enroll in the provisional army is made. Indians from the surrounding counties make their way to the Southern Rail Road. People in the area. Mostly civilians, some Confederate soldiers. The train station looks new as it opened a few years ago. A man sharply dress in a captain's uniform walks out of the train station's waiting room. He was just notified by the telegraph office. He gathers the Indian recruits.
Men, I have just received word from the our president in Richmond that the 1st Choctaw Battalion will be accepted into service.
Haklo! Chi "president" ... (repeats Sam's English in Choctaw language)
I know most of you Indians don't understand English very well, so I recruited Jake to translate. Most of you know him as "Eahantatubbee." Jon, who just got the word he was promoted to major, walks out of the train station and turns to Sam.
Sam, this better work well. I'm risking alot of my personal fortune for this battalion. Jon moves his hands on his waist, akimbo style.
Major, by the time this is all through, this plan will have them yankees hallerin' for mercy.
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