Red Warriors in Gray Confederate Uniforms

By Robert Bruce Ferguson
Based on a True Story
In 1862, Mississippi Choctaw Indians were persuaded to join an Indian battalion. Confederate officers Jon and Sam were instrumental in raising the Indian unit. The battalion entered service in early 1863. Characters Sam (29), a whiteman from near Selma, Alabama. He was a planter before the War. He was a captain and later promoted to major. He is a strong proponent of enrolling American Indians for the Civil War. Jon (late 50s), a whiteman who owns a large plantation in southern Mississippi. He is made major of the 1st Choctaw Battalion in early 1863. His battalion is sent to Ponchatoula, Louisiana. His Indians prepare for battle. John's Indian battalion is headquarted at Newton Station, Mississippi. Harris (late 20s), a whiteman from central Mississippi. He was a farmer with aspiration on becomeing a planter although he was richer than most small-time planters. Harris attempted to raise his own Indian company but failed. Nate (20s), a young whiteman from south Mississippi. He lost an eye at the Battle of Shiloh and wore an eye patch thereafter. He was adjutant in the 1st Choctaw Battalion. Ben (30s), a whiteman from central Mississippi. He was made captian of company B of the 1st Choctaw Battalion. Jake (30s), a young Indian who was able to speak English. He was an interperter for the Indian battalions. His Indian name was "Eahantatubbe."
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